Comprehensive coverage for all carriers

At Kee West we pride ourselves on fast, safe, reliable service within Canada. We understand that quick delivery of your freight from purchase point to your store is crucial to the success of your business. We also realize the need for your unit to arrive as it was when we picked it up. Kee West continues to be a leader in the Auto Carrier industry and carries comprehensive insurance (Direct Damage Form) on all our auto carriers which would insure you for the value of your vehicle in a total loss situation.

Kee West has always had the Direct Damage Form coverage in place, which certainly comes at a higher premium. Without a doubt, most Auto Transporters only carry the Legal Liability Form coverage. As always, Kee West has tried to always be a leader in the auto carrier industry and with these insurance plans in place we hope this gives you the peace of mind and security of transporting your vehicle or vehicles with the best, Kee West Auto Carriers Inc.

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